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For 13 years we have been dedicated to inspiring alchemists worldwide to discover their most authentic selves through the study, practice and service of yoga. We have graduated over 20 classes of trainees in the United States, Bali and Costa Rica. Our alumni come from all over the world including but not limited to: Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Italy, Myanmar, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United States and more! Let our experience work for you.

Completing a Yoga Teacher Training program is just the beginning.

What sets Alchemy of Yoga apart is our ongoing commitment to supporting our graduates.  We do that by:

  1. Promoting trainees on our Graduates page so that users may connect directly to their personal websites.
  2. Using private social networking tools to keep them engaged with our collective tribe.
  3. Providing extensive alumni resources through online tools and downloads.
  4. Serving as on-going mentors on the business of yoga.

We are an official

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

The Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP®) designation was introduced in July 2016.

The YACEP designation is designed for experts in the yoga community to teach courses that qualify as Continuing Education hours for RYTs.

We take seriously our responsibility to uphold the highest integrity and level of education possible.

Earn your CE's with us!

Upcoming yoga retreats

April 22-29, 2018 Bali Yoga Retreat
June 10-17, 2018 Amalfi Italy Yoga Retreat
June 24-30, 2018 Tuscany Vino & Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
Dec 1-8, 2018 Mexico Yoga Retreat

Upcoming workshops

Feb 8-12 2018 Sedona Yoga Festival, Silvia Mordini
March 4th  2018 Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra, Emily Perry

See our training destinations

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Yes You Can Change!

I hear this all the time. “I can’t change.”
I’ve been where you are. Have you felt powerless like you can’t change?
Truth is we can change, it like, happiness, is a choice.
Right now Say to yourself, I can CHANGE
    🔆 Where I live
  • 🔆 What I do to make money
  • 🔆 Who I love
  • 🔆 How I receive love
Together we will create a Map of #Transformation or what I call a “Manifest MY BEST Life Action Plan.”
Upcoming 2019 #Retreats:
  • 🔆 March 17-24, 2019 Bali Yoga Retreat
  • 🔆 June 9-16, 2019 Amalfi Yoga Retreat
  • 🔆 June 16-23, 2019 Amalfi Yoga Retreat
  • 🔆 June 30-July 6, 2019 Tuscany Italy Yoga Retreat
    Upcoming 2019-2020 #Yoga Teacher Trainings:
  • 🔆 March 31-April 21, 2019 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 July 7-14, 2019 Italy RYT 100 Hour AoY Teacher Training Module
  • 🔆 July 17-August 17, 2019 Costa Rica RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 Sept 1-22, 2019 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 April 4-25, 2020 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 Sept 5-26, 2020 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
    This is where you’ll find me besides inspiring at my favorite Yoga Conferences and Festivals worldwide.
    In the meantime, sign up for my Love Your Day Newsletter and receive lots of extra goodness, advance notice of special happenings and sweet discounts from my heart to yours.
    Love yourself, love your day, love your life! xoxo Silvia


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