satya silvia Satya — the second Yama of the Yoga Sutras — asks for truth + integrity while remaining rooted in love + compassion. The heart of yoga is unity amongst ourselves and all living things. When we are not truthful, we create a palpable separation from the self + others — whereas when we express ourselves in alignment with truth, we feel an easeful connection to the universal flow — and everyone around us feels it too. Rooted in ourselves — our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions soften + become more heart-centered. We express inwardly + outwardly with graceful compassion — all the while connected to + intuitively guided by the liberating flow. In standing in the light of integrity, we encourage others to do so as well. The individual expression of truth and journey to this place is unique to our makeup — and that is why we all have something to offer the world.  — Sarah Erter Step into the light of your integrity with Alchemy of Yoga’s 200-Hour Self-Study Program, compassionately guided by Silvia Mordini: