Alchemy of Yoga School July 1-21 Santa Cruz, California: Elemental ‪Heart‬ Medicine: Water‬
“Streaming fluids flood our cells, washing through endless river ways of veins, and capillaries in the vast poem of hydrological cycle.” -John Seed and Joanna Macy
Water is sacred. It is essential for the maintenance of life on Earth. Our bodies are 60-70% water. The majority of the Earth’s surface is water. But what is the state of that water: water within us and water outside us? It is up to us to do our part to heal the precious Waters of our dear Mother Earth. We begin by healing ourselves, treating our own lives as sacred and special. This is the ‪#‎AlchemyofYoga‬ Yoga School held at DiviniTree Yoga & Arts Studioi West lovingly guided by Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach Details of All Upcoming Programs: Santa Cruz July 1-21, 2016 Costa Rica July 30-Aug 20, 2016 Bali Oct 1-22, 2016 WATERRegister for ‪#‎AlchemyofYoga‬ School! #‎RYT200‬ ‪#‎TeacherTraining‬ ‪#‎soul‬ plunge ‪#‎selfstudy‬ ‪#‎happiness‬ #heartmedicine ‪#‎santacruz‬ #costarica #bali #yogaschool #alchemyofyoga ‪#‎yoga‬ immersion