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A Traditional Balinese Dinner!

One of our favorites evenings throughout training is visiting Agung’s ancestral home to learn about the meaning behind the layout and overall design of a traditional Balinese home. You’ll also learn how to make traditional Balinese offerings! We’ll enjoy an incredibly generous dinner buffet with a private traditional Balinese dance performance – a dance-drama that represent stories expressed through elegant movements detailed all the way into the gestures of eyes, fingers, head and hands. These mudras are learned early as Balinese children are taught to dance with their hands even before they can walk! In December 2015 UNESCO recognized 3 forms of Balinese Dance as “intangible cultural heritage.” This is sacred moving meditation at its finest.In this dance tradition the practice is an offering to ask protection from the gods and…

Sneak Peak at Ubud, Bali with Alchemy of Yoga

[wpvideo wE66HIsf ] When you get off the plane in Bali you instantly feel the higher vibrations. The people, architecture, shops, and restaurants all ooze a heightened awareness. Do you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Or some excitement from the day to day routine? Join Alchemy of Yoga in #bali🌴 for a soulful retreat in 2018 that will bring you into the Now with a beautiful tribe of conscious humans. Find more information about upcoming training on our website ❤️

Spiritual Immersions of Self-Discovery, Sun, & Soul

Spiritual Immersions – Ask yourself if this is your Motivation:   -Do you want to learn more about yourself? -Do you want to learn more about yoga asana and/or philosophy? -Do you want a soulful luxury vacation with private pool?   The answer isn’t Yoga Teacher Training necessarily. Just because you want more authentic Dharma Studies doesn’t mean you have to do a full 200 hour yoga teacher training.   Instead, immerse yourself: Fall in love with yourself as you are. Be free. Attract your best life!   Take a deep soul plunge with me in Bali through my 13 year old Alchemy of Yoga School. I’m here in Bali already waiting for you 🙂   MODULE 1 – 50 Hours (any week can be done stand alone) April 15-22, 2017 Triple…

Why is Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training So Unique?

Alchemy of Yoga teacher training program’s are uniquely designed to guide students to tap into their natural rhythm and connect themselves and their practice to the elements around us and within us through the chakra system. Through this understanding of the chakras we learn to heal ourselves and align with our highest potential, tapping into our natural alchemy of peace, happiness and love once again with our own unique expression. Overview of Alchemy of Yoga Earth: Foundation – Rooting into Self and Manifestation (Chakra 1, East) Water: Emotional Alchemy – Tapping into Your Potential and Living in Possibility (chakra 2, west) Fire: Physical Alchemy (tapas) – Discovering Your Optimal Performance (Chakra 3, South) Air: Mental Alchemy (svadhaya) – Unlearning the Obstacles to Your Happiness Ether/Space: Spiritual Alchemy (Ishvara Pranidhana) –…

It’s time to recognize your true potential

YOU deserve to experience your own MAGIC.  There comes a point when you decide it’s time to Claim Your Best Life and realize how Great you can feel.  You raise BOTH your hands in the air and say YES! Today choose AlchemyofYogaRYT200 Hour #yogateachertraining to support your ultimate #Transformation and feel your magic.  Bali RTY200 Yoga Teacher Training April 15-May 6, 2017 Triple Lodging & Private Pool: $2,949 Double Lodging & Private Pool:$3499 Single Lodging & Private Pool: $3,999 What’s included? 22 days of private villa, private bathroom, your own private pool for your villa. All meals, special cultural activities, and ALL 200 hour training. **Live in Paradise and come away as a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher RYT200** ALCHEMY OF YOGA SCHOOL: Authenticity and joyful self-confidence in living YOUR…

A Yogi’s Journey

Special Guest Feature by Lindsey Platt Lindsey Platt embodies the Alchemy of Yoga mission to #TeachPeace. Read her story below! Seven years ago, I stepped onto my first yoga mat. I sat with my head held high, assured that my previous dance experience would propel me to the top of the class. As the class began and I awkwardly snorted in an attempt to do the “fire breathing” I had learned of just seconds earlier, I suddenly realized that yoga was not what I thought it was. In the past seven years, I have time and time again been humbled, broken, and restored by my yoga practice. My name is Lindsey Platt, a dreamer, enthusiast, connector, wanna-be-writer, and idealist. I have a ravenous hunger for anything adventurous and am…

Why You Should Give Yourself a Timeout

By: Silvia Mordini, Featured on Yoganonymous A retreat is just that: A break from the daily grind in order to get clear on what you like about your life and what could be working better. It’s a safe space where you can take the time to step back and gain perspective to help you realize and recognize the things you’ve outgrown. A yoga retreat is the perfect time in a beautiful place to carry out this mental detox. And there are so many different kinds of retreats. Some include activities and experiences beyond a yoga practice, such as life-coaching exercises where you’ll learn practical tools to apply to your life right away. Other retreats may include off the mat fun like surfing, kayaking, hiking, and more. Just like we have…


The team watchers

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Creative day off

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