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Yes, You Can Succeed As A Yoga Teacher. Here’s How

In the decade that I’ve led yoga teacher training programs, I’ve found that students who have the greatest potential often display a distinct psychological phenomenon: The Anticipation of Failure. While most teacher training programs are doing the best they can to prepare their graduates, they’re still thrown into a world of “survival of the fittest” upon completion of their training. They find the yoga world (much like other arenas in life) to be filled with a maelstrom competition for jobs. As a result their love of self is severely tested. This can manifest itself through obsession over how many likes or comments your social media posts achieve, or worrying too much about your image. In an effort to please everyone, some new teachers play it safe by stifling their authentic…

Yoga Teachers: How to Write a Kickass Bio

by Silvia Mordini Smart, authentic bios are essential for any yoga teacher. These are used on your personal postcards, flyers and website. The studios or gyms you teach at also may ask for your bio to include on their website. I understand for many of us that it’s not easy to write about oneself. And, do you write in first person or third person? What do you include, and how much is too much? Read the whole article on