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alchemy of yoga is whole-heartedly devoted to the art of self-study. When a yogi feels called to step into the deeper world of self-study, we never wish for finances to impede this path.

A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training requires a significant investment on several levels — not only the financial consideration, but also the commitment of time + resources.

The investment is in yourself and it yields transformation on the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

alchemy of yoga is unique from other teacher training programs in that it goes way beyond mastering yoga poses. While you will learn a great deal about asana, it is truly a journey in self-discovery. The role of Silvia Mordini and the rest of the Alchemy team is to provide the inspiration into this self-inquiry and hold space for your growth in a way that is true to your authenticity.


In the spirit of inclusivity + accessibility, we are proud to offer:

  • Various price points for our programs
  • Support for your Go Fund Me or other crowd funding efforts
  • We will write you recommendation for Yoga Alliance Scholarship
  • Limited scholarship offerings
  • Early bird discounts + special offerings on tuition


Additional ideas that our past trainees have used:

  • Create a fund where family/friends can contribute to teacher training as a gift
  • Develop a Go Fund Me campaign
  • Use Pay Pal’s Bill Me Later program, which offers no payments + no interest if paid in full in 6 months
  • Receive college credit by providing us with paperwork to qualify the course
  • Ask your employer to use “continuing education” budget + hours toward the program in exchange for teaching yoga on-site. We can help you be prepared to offer yoga in the workplace
  • Apply for Yoga Alliance $1500 Scholarship
  • We are always open to collaboration + work exchange — let us know if you have a skill or trade to offer



The first step? Say hello by reaching out to Silvia and Ferrah.


  • $500 Deposit. The remainder is split into 3 equal payments over 3 months.
  • $500 Deposit. The remainder is split into 4 equal payments over 6 months.
  • $500 Deposit. The remainder is split into 6 equal payments over 9 months. 

Did yoga teacher training


Help make someones dream come true, to learn to teach what they love.


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Yes You Can Change!

I hear this all the time. “I can’t change.”
I’ve been where you are. Have you felt powerless like you can’t change?
Truth is we can change, it like, happiness, is a choice.
Right now Say to yourself, I can CHANGE
    🔆 Where I live
  • 🔆 What I do to make money
  • 🔆 Who I love
  • 🔆 How I receive love
Together we will create a Map of #Transformation or what I call a “Manifest MY BEST Life Action Plan.”
Upcoming 2019 #Retreats:
  • 🔆 March 17-24, 2019 Bali Yoga Retreat
  • 🔆 June 9-16, 2019 Amalfi Yoga Retreat
  • 🔆 June 16-23, 2019 Amalfi Yoga Retreat
  • 🔆 June 30-July 6, 2019 Tuscany Italy Yoga Retreat
    Upcoming 2019-2020 #Yoga Teacher Trainings:
  • 🔆 March 31-April 21, 2019 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 July 7-14, 2019 Italy RYT 100 Hour AoY Teacher Training Module
  • 🔆 July 17-August 17, 2019 Costa Rica RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 Sept 1-22, 2019 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 April 4-25, 2020 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
  • 🔆 Sept 5-26, 2020 Bali RYT 200 Hour AoY Teacher Training
    This is where you’ll find me besides inspiring at my favorite Yoga Conferences and Festivals worldwide.
    In the meantime, sign up for my Love Your Day Newsletter and receive lots of extra goodness, advance notice of special happenings and sweet discounts from my heart to yours.
    Love yourself, love your day, love your life! xoxo Silvia


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