How can you tell if you feel the vibe of my #AlchemyofYoga Tribe? Well, here’s how: 1. Your heart already speaks the language of enthusiasm. 2. You have always been in love with love. (You are a Love Alchemist) 3. All your life you’ve been more sensitive than most. 4. Your capacity for compassion is bigger than what words can explain. 5. You love to laugh! 6. You never stopped believing in magic. Reach out to me so I can help you meet your #heart #tribe. It’s not always easy connecting with your people so I want help. We all need our high vibe tribe. Life flows best that way. See you soon… Oct 1-22, 2016 #Bali #yogateachertraining July 29 – Aug 19, 2017 #costarica yoga teacher training Fall 2017 #sedona yoga studio shakti