By Silvia Mordini

10411867_10207810400875686_978244574139115957_n Elevating Yoga Teaching Profession from Good to Great! 1. Be prepared – demonstrate competency by being organized and professional 2. Remain a student – practice yoga, take classes, workshops, trainings 3. Create a safe, honest and comfortable environment for students 4. Give gratitude to your teachers 5. Serve your students – it’s about them. Maintain student confidentiality and appropriate professional boundaries. 6. Make yourself available – connect with students after class, return emails and phone calls in a timely manner. 7. Keep it real – Be a positive example of authenticity. Don’t just pretend to be a yoga teacher. Instead be yourself. Demonstrate what it means to live your yoga. And never knowingly misrepresent professional qualifications or certifications 8. Remember this is not a popularity contest – stop competing with fellow teachers and avoid the humble brag or other ways of comparison 9. Show up and be present – put aside your drama and tune in to those students in front of you 10. Get healthy, stay healthy – practice radical self-care, build a therapeutic support system outside your students. They are not your therapist.